Lagt ut 09.apr.2019

Psykoterapeut Alexandra Koren på Frogner Kiropraktorklinikk

The Write Space

24.apr.2019 – 24.apr.2019
Hello there! Are you looking for inspiration to write that blog post, poem, book, screenplay, speech, toast or that idea that has been inside you for a long time waiting to come out? Well, you have come to The Write Space (see what we did there?).

Here's how it works:

The second and last Wednesday of the month we meet for concentrated 90 min sessions curated by me, Alexandra Koren, published author and creative entrepreneur. I will provide you with some tools, guidance and the space for your creativity to unfold. Then, once a month we gather for a full Write For Your Life immersion.

My wish is to create a community where creatives can get support and space to express themselves and their ideas, find inspiration and get the creative juices flowing.

It doesn't matter what language you write in. You don't have to share your content but there is a choice to ask questions and bounce off ideas, concepts and other input to help your writing process.

Our meetups take place in Frogner, Oslo.
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